Monday, 20 August 2012


Ok, so I am DEFINITELY not a very diligent blogger. At all. But in my absence, a fair few developments have taken place, so perhaps it is time I re-applied myself to blogging. I so enjoy reading other peoples blogs, and my typing skills (beyond the everyday drudgery of office work) are beginning to wane. So here I go again!

The process of application is a good place to start, and a very handy link indeed. For I have bagged myself a shiny new job!! Yes! And I am very very excited about it. Not only is it near the ZOO in Clifton (sadly not inside with fluffy animals, but close enough) it is doing something worthwhile, and new, and lovely! I am going to be the Admissions Officer at The English Language Centre. Huzzah! Perhaps I shall even make a French friend who has a little apartment in Paris they will lend me every now and then. As Audrey said...
So a new adventure lies ahead. Which means of course, leaving behind a hefty chunk of a chapter in my tale so far! It's a very strange feeling moving on, after being somewhere quite so, um, 'memorable' (in every possible way) as the Jane Austen Centre. But in all seriousness, I have had a wonderful time, and four and a half years spent anywhere is enough to create a fairly powerful little heart string. And I am sure I can safely say, I will never meet a more eclectic, fabulous, bonkers and loveable group of people anywhere else. Luckily I get to take quite a few of those people along with me, in some way shape or form. However, I will be sure to leave Mr. Darcy behind...he's not really my type.