Monday, 21 November 2011

Second Timer

It seems I am not a very dilligent blogger. A post a month is probably slacking in the blogosphere, so I better jolly well get on with it. I haven't even fully explained the TITLE of my blog, let alone done any serious blogwork. Most of my blogging has also included the word blog, so all in all, must try harder. 

Anyway, to Cathy. A year or two before there was Kurt, there was Heathcliff. Or more specifically, Wuthering Heights. I first read this book when I was about 13, and it was the first proper 'literary' type book I had ever picked up (although Roald Dahl has to count as literary? And Black Beauty? Maybe not The Saddle Club books though...). Reader, for a little while it ruined me. So swept up was my little impressionable teenage soul, that I became convinced I would find myself a Heathcliff. But I wouldn't do a Cathy and sod off and marry the sop next door, no! We would roam the moors and eventually I would tame him enough for him to make me toast and such. That sounded very nice. This dream was eventually replaced by Leonardo DiCaprio in Baz Luhrman's Romeo + Juliet, NOT Titanic I stress, and so on until eventually I found a boy who very much looked like Kurt Cobain, but behaved more like a slightly geeky Aiden Shaw from SATC with a life long Doctor Who obsession, but that's for another blog...I digress. For a while, Heathcliff was it, and I couldn't quite forgive Cathy for spurning. Like all great books though I often came back to the Heights, and each time I came away with something different, a new impression of the novel I hadn't picked up on in earlier readings. Cathy was my continual touchstone. With every reading my understanding of her developed, and I began to sympathise with her. What else could she really do but marry the sop next door? Her childhood was a difficult one to say the least; her life is continually torn apart by conflict she is always in the middle of, even as a little girl. I adore her feisty, slightly arrogant nature, the only defence a woman could arm herself with in such an environment. I still haven't quite figured her out, and this blog is not the space to do it in, especially as I don't think I ever will. but I like her, and admire her, in the same way I do Scarlett O'Hara or Emma Woodhouse. Plus, Kate Bush makes her name so damn sing-able! I have collected copies of the novel for some time now, here are a few of them with a sneaky P&P tucked in for good measure. HEATHCLIFF! IT'S ME IT'S CATHYYYY ahem, sorry...